1, My friend. At the end of first academic year he encouraged me to have a look for different ways how to create app, as he has experience in useing smartphone for several years and understand popularity of this kind of media text.

2, Close relation between web design/development and phone apps development. Programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3, java script. Interest in knowledge of new programs. Useing code or drag and drop style. iPhone iOS Developer Program $99/year, App Inventor for Android, Phonegap, Eclipse

3, Big popularity of smartphones a phone applications, getting ready for future. Example: No shops, just phone app which allows you to see item in 3D. holographic iphone app

4, Interest for web/app developers. Good earnings in the future. Also there is possibility to earn extra money by distributing phone apps for free or even for little amount of money.

5, Examples:

Alan mentioned delivery of blackboard phone app for next academic year

On the way to bluewater last week, I saw an advert for phone app, which let you to pay for your bus ticket

My current employer P&O Ferries was looking for a web developer & phone app developer

All of those examples prove my right decision to educate myself  in this part of media as I see bright future within phone apps development.


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