Layer mask & adjustment layers

Flyers – 3mm bleed, each side

bg removal useing layer mask & adjustment layers

Solid Color:  This slaps a solid color on your stack of layers just like the name suggests.

Gradient: This puts a gradient on your stack of layers

Pattern: This allows you to choose a pattern and it applies it to your layer

Levels: This allows you to adjust the tones in your image. You can set the darkest tone and the lightest tone in your image and make the whole image change appear. You can make a dull image appear bright using Levels

Curves: You can use this to fix your highlights and shadows using this option

Color Balance: Adjust the colors of highlights, midtones and shadows separately using this option.

Brightness/Contrast: This lightens or darkens your image and increases or decreases the contrast.

Hue/Saturation: This can be used to control the colors, the saturation and lightness or darkness of the image.

Selective Color: This allows you to add or remove percentage of a color present in your image. If you want your reds redder and your blues less bluer then this is what you use.

Channel Mixer: This allows you to adjust the reds, blues or greens. So you are adjusting each color channels itself

Gradient Map: This adds gradients insides different colors of the image. Unlike the gradient tool, that put a solid gradient over everything, this puts colors in each color of the image.

Invert: This changes all the colors to what is opposite to them in the color wheel.

Threshold: This changes stuff to black or white. The slider allows you to choose what tones it will be changing.

Posterize: This reduces the number of colors used in the image.



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