Field of Study, …

Field of Study: Where will your work be situated, and what function will it fulfill? Describe your chosen subject area.

My work will be situated on Android Market and will be available for people with smartphones run on android platform. Function of phone applications is to make peoples lifes easier (informative, shopping, …) and funnier (games, social networks, …)

Design Problem/Question: Identify a design problem of qustion. Who is the target audience?

In my case most significant factor is an idea of application which appeal to the audience. Correctly chosen design can significantly improve a success of app.  My target audience are people (any age) with android smartphones.

Context: What is wider social, cultural, historical, economical context for your project, if any?

From social, cultural and economical aspect, smartphones will become even more powerfull and they will let us do different things through applications.

Rationale: Why is this project important to you?

This project is important to myself for its popularity. I am also excited about this new media text and the way how it has influenced peoples lifes.

Methods: Describe how you are planning to carry out your project.

I plan to carry out this project mostly through video and text tutorials to gain a knowledge insight new programming languages and programs. Picking up various methods of app development. Combining usefull elements of code from tutorials to achieve required final outcome.

Skills Evidence: Describe the practical and theoretical skills necessary to carry out the project.

Skills needed to carry out this project mainly include a new knowledge of programming languages such as java script, XML, HTML5 andCSS3. Very helpfull will be my web design background of HTML and CSS2.

new programs: Eclipse Classic, Android SDK tools & ADT plugin, AVD Manager (virtual android smartphone)


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