Group Values

Tomas’s Individual Values

  •  Self Motivation
  • Good Organization
  • Creativity
  • Distinctiveness
  • Professionalism

Augustas’ Individual Values

  • Family
  • Knowledge
  • Punctuality
  • Goal
  • Higher Education

Core Values:

Having a discussion between three of us we came up with our core group values which we will try implement through our business. These are:

1. Collaboration

Is working together to achieve desired goal. Usually but not always working in group it is possible to achieve better results through sharing ideas, goals, knowledge, learning from each other, motivate each other, critique. Collaboration involves:

  • Awareness – We become part of a working entity with a shared purpose
  • Motivation – We drive to gain consensus in problem solving or development
  • Self-synchronization – We decide as individuals when things need to happen
  • Participation – We participate in collaboration and we expect others to participate
  • Mediation – We negotiate and we collaborate together and find a middle point
  • Reciprocity – We share and we expect sharing in return through reciprocity
  • Reflection – We think and we consider alternatives
  • Engagement – We proactively engage rather than wait and see

2. Motivation

The desire to do things. To be motivated it is always good to define what is your passion and interests. Helps to improve final product as every member of team try to produce the best outcome.

3. Good organization/planning

Keeps you focused to achieve the goal. Everyone knows what to do. Organizational skills helps to cope with unforeseen obstacles witch may occur. Helps you plan more productively. Helps you to find what you are looking for. Saves time. Keeps the stress off. People know their responsibilities in order to produce better final product.

4. Factor X

Personal reason– reputation, good relationship within company, working with the customer not for customer.

Creativity reason – is something that hasn’t been made before. Every company/buisness need creativity to succeed.

Financial reason – to fulfill everyday needs.

5. Professionalism

In order to mantain and attract new/old customers. Expand your knowledge and skills by self-learning.

6. Distinctiveness – the quality of being distinctive, individual or discrete. To stand out from the crowd we need to be different, think different in order to produce distinctive unique results for our clients.

Distinctiveness explains why we, and not some other organization, should pursue this purpose — because “who we are” makes us better qualified than any other organization to pursue this purpose.

Because we are who we are, we as an organization have the talent, the ability, the qualities necessary, to pursue this purpose. We can do it better than others, achieve what others cannot, because of who we are.


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