Identity – name/logo

Talking about company’s identity we need to define the name and logo. Corporate identity is expressed through the name, symbols, and logos used by the organization. Why we need an identity? We need it so customers could recognize, remember and distinguish us from other companies.   What is an identity? Simply, it is a symbol which makes visual statement about itself and to communicate its business philosophy.

Name of the Company

We had tried to think of new fresh, innovative names which could reflect our company. We did brainstorming which led us to choose the right name – DIGITAL ARROW.

Why digital? Because everything we produce will be in digital format (web sites, apps, photo/video post production etc.) We think word “DIGITAL” is modern term and does suit us as we live in digital era.

Why arrow? Because arrow represents direction and ambition. Direction to achieve/set goals. Ambition to achieve the best results and go further, expand business.

Logo of the Company

We did research on LOGOS of other companies just for inspirational purposes also to see how certain logos reflects company’s values or character.

Brainstorming – sketches:

Sketches in digital form:

Final Logo:


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