error with portfolio links

problem is that in section#slider  image have an id  ” ImgObject”  and with used javascript this image changes on click in section#work_list.

<img src=”images/photo.png” id=”ImgObject”/>     <119>line

so if I make a link, I target one and the same link for all images.   Bad choice for jquery as I needed one where I can target single images within html.

<a href=””>  <img src=”images/photo.png” id=”ImgObject”/>  </a>

from this problem I come second problem which doesn’t allow me to link anything in #work_list section. If I try link h4 group like this:

<section id=”work_list”>
<div id=”st-accordion”>
<a href=”images/photo.png”>Photography website<span>Open or Close</span></a>
<p>This photography portfolio website for live client was a second assignment in my first year. Unfortunately, it never made its way online.</p>
<p>Semantic markup of this website is very simple, as personal purpose was to get good knowledge insight xhtml and css code.</p>
<h4> <a href=”; target=”_blank”>  visit website >></a></h4>

Result, after click.

I didn’t find a solution for this behaviour.  So for this reason the best solution will completly different jquery which offers better functionality.



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