Idea Generation

My first thought was to create phone application for live client (take-away bussines) as I expect grow within phone applications companies in near future.  But, lets to be honest with each other. Luck of my experience of developing applications, force me to give up on my initial idea. According to my knowledge I should challenge myself with something much easier.

Basic idea of  putting rules of popular drinking games all together and introduce them in form of phone application  sounds simple. But it isn’t enough, as I would like to create something more complicated and pick  up more knowledge.

Copy of my brief:

Assignment introduction and context:

Application will be only informations based. There will be 10  the most popular games, where audience can choose a game they prefer the most. They have available all rules of selected game.

Why? Drinking games are very popular between young people, mainly students, not just over here in England but all over the world. many times few people dont know a rules so they are forced to come up with their own.  Similar application is available on apple store, but I didn’t find any on android market, so I don’t see a reason why android owners should stay behind.

Final piece will be uploaded on aandroid market and shared for its purpose.

Market, Client and Audience Information:

My main target audience are groups of young people at age of 18-25 (mainly students), people socially to have fun, (UK & USA – English Language)

Project Objectives:

This idea is very simple, I personallt do not expect any succes in number of downloads. Main objective for this assignment/application is to get familiar with new programming languages & software:

jQuery mobile 1.0.0

Is programming language and was released only few months ago. Offers a lot of usefull elements in form of layout, transitions, swatches and much more.


Is programming language wich offers call for an action to use phones features. Such as camera, settings, GPS, connection to internet and more.


PHP is also our main objective in web design module, so I may take an advantage of this powerfull language, to simplify my application. Even in my case is not that neccesary, as I have to mantain only small amount of items (games/rules). But will be great to use new knowledge and combine my modules together.


We have already learnt about html5&css3 new elements during web design lecture, and thankfully this is base for my app. Applications uses some extra tags and elements from html5&css3  suitable only for mobile devices, I didn’t and still don’t know. Is worth to also have a look into those, for me unknown features.

Eclipse Indigo 3.7.1

Is software which transfer a code into any application for android software (tablets, phones)

Eclipse SDK

Is virtual phone on our PC/mac screen

How to upload application on the market


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