Content of app

As a first step I need to consider content of my application. I have tried to think of something extra usefull in situations when application is used. Part of my research was to find answers between my friends. Together I have list of ideas which could improve or make game more  interesting.

1. rating for individual games, so audience can see which game is best to play

2 settings – add possibility to change settings (sound, vibration, camera) – not all smartphones have side button for calling camera. You have to go back to main menu and than by useing shortcut we achieve to open camera. Extra camera button can save us couple (sober) or few (drunk) of seconds, and we don’t miss funny moments.

4. animations – Iconsidred this media, but I think it can be more tricky. Also didn’t come up with idea how and what kind of animation I could implement in my application

5. random button – as simple action it caould be set for random pick form item list. a bit complicated could be opening window of an item after shaking a phone.

List of games

Initial idea was to collect over 20 games, unfortunatly there isn’t that many worth mentioning games. Most of them just keep repeating rules, or making combination of those rules. And something what makes you drink a shot only because a card you picked was red and not black, don’t count as game.

I spent good amount of time searching for games on following websites any more:

Googled : the best drinking card games, top drinking card games

Final list of top 10 games I choosed will be submitted in .doc format

After I collected my possible content, I made some sketches for first 2 screens.

screen 1 offers menu for game list, picking a random game, camera & exit

screen 2 is list of games

Over here I came for an extra idea for my content. I decide to include little windows for number of players, and drunk level.

screen3 – page for simple game. This game hasn’t got any extra card rules.  There won’t be many these kind of games, as I have tried to pick more complicated one.

As I mentioned a problem about repeating games before. Here is my solution: I decided to combine  few games under different names, but with almost same rules together. Where optional rules could be added. I just needed to find solution for navigation of those rules/buttons.

First solution could be set of images in one row. (as  many as needed). Where you can slide this menu from left to right or reverse. after tapping an image of selected card single rule would appear under this menu.

Advantage: Don’t have to scroll up and down to see single card rule

Disadvantage: can see only one card rule at the time as after selecting other one, content under will be changed for new celected one.

Second solution is in form of basic cascading style.

After tapping ” single card rule” button, it open extra list within itself with possible cards icons with name. tapping this button opens last window with description of rule.

Advantage: we can have open more single rules at the time. We can open all of them and keep them open.

Disadvantage: we have to scroll up and down to see single card rule.

After few opiniums from my friends I decided to go with second choice for its long usability, as many mobile softwares use this kind of cascading style to separate items.


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