Idea Generation image 1

First at all I grouped all images together for better perspective point of view. This gave me few ideas which stock A,B & figure images I would use in my final pieces.

As I was very impressed with mentioned tutorial of Horror Walkthroughs from I decided to implement this technique into one of my pieces.

Figures I could choose from were not perfect for zombie. This forced me to think of replacing head which I could modify later on. First I have tried to experiment with image

The Dunce 1 where I wanted include dead animal or Cauldron Lid Off infront of her with bone/spoon  in a hand. Background should consists from old village and some combination of :

Nose to the Grindstone anywhere on a side, Art Nouveau Brooch as part of door, broken Phonograph, retro alarm clock as clock on the wall or tower clock. (retro style)

Unfortunately any of model’s head didnt suit / I couldnt make it look realistick, for this reason I didnt save all URL of images. Here is few I have tried to implement:


My second choice for replacing head was image Meet the boss. According to the position of body I needed figure from profile, which wasn’t easy to find:

Luckily I came a cross following figure:

For this figure of zombie boss I have considered as background some office. Found following:

Last 2 mentioned were absolutly perfect for my zombie figure however figure were too small and lost in hughe background if positioned in the middle of office. Figure positioned in front look much better.


For this reason I searched for small size office, where I choosed a last one:

Name it self ” Historical Doctor Office ” led me to retro style mentioned earlier. I could easily include book & alarm clock & phonograph anywhere on the table or Art Nouveau Brooch as part of the table/desk.





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