Idea generation image 2

Idea for my second piece was based on characteristics between my background and essential figure & 2 stock images .

(Connection between man in suit+historical office+book+ retro clock)

Background of chinese garden was first thing I could think off when looked on ninja. For this reason I searched for chinese garden on deviantart and choosed image:

I wanted to achieve similar silhouette as in movie The Last Samurai. Where group of nijna attacked village during a night (ninja on the top of the roof with moon in bg)

Ideas for stock A,B images were:

I have considered a combination of parts from this image. Where lid itself could be used as shield on his back.

Or sign from pot could be attached on door. However I just decided for simple choice by adding

Nose to the Grindstone By PixellyPerfectStock, DeviantArt – to the background

Art Nouveau Brooch Stock By ponystock, DeviantArt -sign on door.

The most essential  was lighting which I achieved thanks to earlier mentioned tutorial:


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