Development of application – jQuery Mobile

First step in building my app is to create website for small phone screen resolutions useing HTML5 & CSS3. I have also consider to take advantage one of the most popular mobile frameworks. List and more frameworks description on website:

I have decided to go along with jQuery Mobile for jQuerry’s sucess in webdesign and webdevelopment:

Over here is link for short preview of jQueryMobile and its docs:

I have also managed to download pdf somewhere, but haven’t save it as bookmark so I will attach this pdf with my assignment.

After reading almost whole pdf file couple of times I implemented those new attributes to my HTML5. I haven’t used much of my own CSS3 as jQuery Mobile comes with their stylesheet alongside a javascript.

Introducing few HTML5 attributes












data-role=”collapsible”        this is jquery version of collapsible div

Content of website for jQueryMobile docs is very simple, it doesn’t include many clear tutorials as downloaded pdf.

Here is a link to view a rough website, I recommend to open it in safari and resize window to 640×960.

There is a few bugs, but as long I haven’t styled almost anything, in my opinium result is very impressive.


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