Spotify and Facebook – Introduction

As a group (myself, Ilir Hoti and Richard Newitt) decided that amongst the various choices for this years’ briefs on D&AD we preferred the Spotify brief, with it being classified as a brief geared towards web designers.

The idea is to bring and integrate Spotify with Facebook in a much more interactive and intuitive way. At present Spotify has around 10 million paid subscribers. Facebook has around 80 times that. It makes sense therefore, that Spotify want to tap into this huge market and exploit its potential for a much larger audience.

A bit of background of things as they stand now!

With the birth of the smart phone, you can now have  Spotify installed on your mobile device and be able to ‘Sync’ to your music living in your home computer or somewhere else on the web. The Spotify app is very intuitive on its own, and functions much the same way as iTunes and other good music applications. What Spotify are aiming to achieve is a more penetrable market place and Facebook is the ideal of all other social networks to enable this association.

At present, Spotify have some kind of integration with the Facebook interface. Providing that you are a member of Spotify, free or paid member, you can see what your friends are listening to on their Spotify account. You can also log on to Spotify using your Facebook account. As it stands, members need to click on a Spotify provided link or interaction and that launches the Spotify application on the users Computer or mobile device. If you already have the Spotify application installed on the chosen device, all is well and good. If not, than you are redirected by the Facebook page to the’ download Spotify application’ page. Slightly long winded but effective nonetheless. From here on in you are free to listen to music on Spotify and depending on your membership type, your choices are limited accordingly.

Spotify have certainly come a long way from their early days and a membership base of 10 million plus in no mean feat. Their ambition to expand on this is therefore seems a natural progression of any web based start-up. Next we will explore how to go about the brief and the ideas.


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