Define a Brief & Spotify-Facebook Integration

Define a Brief:

After our research within spotify we could carry on defining a brief, what turned up to be quite easy as key features from a brief gave us a clear view regarding required features implemented within facebook interface.

  • Music Dashboard – installed on the left-hand side of the Facebook page. Users can see an overview of their friends’ top tracks, songs that are trending and recommend tracks based on their own listening.
  • The Ticker – will tell users what their Facebook friends are listening to right now. Just hit the play button to join in and listen with them.
  • Feed stories – means Facebook will occasionally share stories based on the music friends are listening to. So maybe “Jeff and Alison both listened to Bon Iver on Spotify”. Click the stories to listen to the tracks.
  • Notifications – will appear in Music Dashboard letting users know if their friends have discovered music from their profile.
  • Collaborative playlists – users can then set up and add to collaborative playlists within Spotify. It’s like the ultimate mix tape, where everyone’s involved. Before the integration spotify and facebook define a brief so we can implement features.
  • Installation. All Spotify music posts feature a Play button. Clicking this button will start that song or album in Spotify. If the user isn’t already on Spotify, they can sign up  there and then. In just a few clicks they can enjoy access to millions of tracks for free.

In addition to their key features , good improvement of the project could be by implementing extra  digital creative/interactive idea.

Spotify-Facebook Integration

Based on key features required by spotify we started by sketching out some ideas of how the finished artefact might look and function like. Included are some of the initial sketches in the design process and description bellow:

  1. Music dashboard – friends top tracks, trending and recommended tracks, collaborative playlist.
  2. On click launch spotify player.
  3. List of online friends. If they listen a music within spotify, play button and name of song appear next to their name. We believe, this extra idea we came up with, makes interactivity even more succesful and mainly people will be aware of spotify as every member is looking through their online friends list.
  4. Another key feature – feed stories
  5. Notification. Spotify required notification to be positioned within Music Dashboard. However we decided break this rule and position/integrate spotify notification with all notifications (other apps, invites, …)
  6. Ticker

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