Fixing layout and bugs

After adding my own styles for website which also included modification of default jquery stylesheet, we have a result:

I am quite satisfied with a new look of application, though its just default jquerymobile theme. Unfortunately i can’t say a same about application behaviour. There is an issue with page transitions and its flickering !!!!

For this reason I have visited many forums to search for this bug fix.

recommendation about disabling transition for android or wait for improvement

this css statement improved a transition very slightly:
.ui-page { -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden; }

didn’t do anything I noticed

According to those forums I share opinium about jquery mobile 1.0.1 as there is a lot to improve. I am also positive there is much more I could done far more and that way my app could work just fain. Luck of knowledge and experience unabled me to improve a behaviour of app.
Second issue was a random jump of footer and header even they have set fixed position… Came a cross this problem on forms too.


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