Essay 2 – research

It has taken me a while to decide what would be the most appropriate example in this particular assignment. I have looked through the internet and narrowed the theme down to two:

the advert Mary Stopes has published via television last year, offering abortion:

and the controversial issue of euthanasia, looking through an interesting evidence of Dr. Kevorkian’s famous euthanasia trial:

I have decided that euthanasia may be more suitable as it is widely debated and transgression is clearly there from Dr. Kevorkian. As well as looking through the video on Youtube:

I have also used an example website, as their debates throughout are very organised and I believe they have many followers who fight against euthanasia legalisation in the UK. Finally, thanks to I have found another interesting article about euthanasia propaganda used in media, accessible here: I have already read about this controversial video, unfortunately I have been unable to find the whole film, but the debates surrounding it I have also considered as very interesting.

I have also looked through other article about this video, like to make sure that there are not big differences in what public really thinks of it.


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