Spotify-Facebook: Design ideas….

Having come up with some ideas about how to approach the brief, we decided to get down to working on the actual design elements. The brief was very precise in the requirement for the delivery of the final work. Here are some of the interface design ideas we thought of. Some made it to the final project, some didn’t:

  1. Ticker + News Feed
  2. List of online friends. If they listen a music within spotify, play button and name of song appear next to their name. We believe, this extra idea we came up with, makes interactivity even more succesful and mainly people will be aware of spotify as every member is looking through their online friends list.
  3. idea of small spotify player integrated within Music Dashboard, however we didn’d go along with this idea as spotify require launching their spotify application installed on PC/Mac/Tablet/Smartphone
  4. Notification integrated within facebook notifications. We also reducing size of Music Dashboard
  5. Music Dashboard

Whilst we were working on design ideas, Spotify had already started to implement some changes to their Facebook expansion project.  It turns out that it was a good thing we didn’t quite notice these changes on time, because a lot of our ideas were very similar to the ones that were being already implemented by Spotify. This, given the timing of our discovery, was an even nicer surprise for us, because we then realised that we had been along the right track with our brief.



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