Inspiration Images

DIM brief requires to produce two images useing two different visual styles.

As I wasn’t exactly aware of all styles and techniques, my first step is quick research into every single one, so I can get an idea of what I really like and what I would like to explore.


  • fantasy – yes
  • horror – yes
  • social realism – no
  • landscape – yes
  • sci-fi – yes
  • abstract – no
  • surreal – no
  • urban – no
  • art noveau – no
  • pre-raphaelite – no


  • collage – no
  • photo composite – no
  • digital painting – yes
  • mixed media – interesting
  • retouch – yes
  • vexel – interesting
  • matte painting – yes

Few examples of styles I like:

Very nice beam and hue, lighting is excellent. Combination of dark and warm orange colours.

Love landscape style and matte painting, nice reflection on sea.

nice idea of rocks with trees and bridge

great idea of island with falls and underwater village,  lightning is brilliant.

Amazing lighting, decomposition affect on arms,body and head is just great

water affect and lighting – amazing, I love to know how to produce such a powerfull art piece. V shape (dragon) gives us reflection of movement.

like the twisting clouds in spiral and hue, landscape

example of landscape and spiral clouds again

spiral cloud looks unreal compare to fire on the ground and mainly on tree. tiny details on lighting. Diagonal line of light, small double lightning/spark in the middle of image

This idea of  smog reminds me more like a big wave falling on city with cloud frame.  My mistake gave me an idea for my submission :

Based on my inspiration images ( moodboard)  I decided on key words &  features I would like to include in my final piece:

  • beam
  • hue
  • landscape (city or nature)
  • spiral cloud/ clouds in general
  • lightning
  • frame
  • wave
  • thinking in colours – orange/red or blue/green
  • thinking in shape –  landscape

This allowed me to determine a styles and techniques  I will be useing  to achieve expected final outcome. Is more like a combination of fantasy, landscape and sci-fi styles which I can easily achieve by useing following techniques:     matte painting & digital painting


Rest of the styles don’t  even catch my eye  even the piece can be outstanding. One of those outstanding works which inspired me was image bellow created by artist kubicki.

Useing splashes, staines, leaks, clouds, feathers, possibly rust, bed sheets and more is very interesting and mainly distinctive way of creating art.

As you can see in artists profile, all his work is powerfull and distinctive build on urban style.


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