Submission for style I like

After considering all key words &  features I would like to include in my final piece mentioned earlier:

  • beam
  • hue
  • landscape (city or nature)
  • spiral cloud/ clouds in general
  • lightning
  • frame
  • wave
  • thinking in colours – orange/red or blue/green
  • thinking in shape –  landscape

I carried on work done during lecture on matt painting technique, useing same tunnel frame, city and parts of waves. I also wanted to create some source of power with beam hitting an earth which produce big wave. This source of power will also become source of light and as the only position for it is a sky it also become a main focus of an image. For this reason bg was very important, as I needed to include sky rich on clouds creating spiral affect alongside with impact of beam.

Having all elements placed in right order (tunnel, clouds, wave, wave, clouds, city ) I created my source of power placing between 2 wave groups.  filter->distort->twirl. After few tries I figured it out how to produce perfect spiral followed by adding beam. This was found on tutorial sci-fi/fantasy matt painting.

Following the tutorial helped me to explore more power of  layer modes,  mostly:  Linear Dodge (add), soft light, hard light, overlay, multiply which I have used mainly for clouds and sea waves.

Finaly I played with red/orange hue and shadows to highlight or darken some parts of image.




Bregenz from tunnel by Stromershl –
View from the Sears Tower by fae1285 –
on the edgeby night-fate-stock –
storm clouds – 1 by monika-stock –
Sky Stock 2 by Emerald-Depths –
Storm Sky-Stock-1 by Stock-jm –
Rolls 06 by MontvalentStock –
Premade Background 1366 by AshenSorrow (only white wave) –
Lightning Stock by ForsakeWolf –
Lightning Stock 2 by ForsakeWolf –


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